IN THE PINK is my 70-minute exploration of the music of Pink Floyd. That amazing ensemble's bluesy lyricism totally lends itself to the way I play the piano, and the huge, full sound of my concert grand measures up to the expansiveness of this music.

Also available is the CD single of my full-blown version of CHARIOTS OF FIRE. It's the most requested of any music I've ever done in performance.

Then there's my Christmas CD, SPIRIT. Originally released (in 1986) on LP and tape, this is a collection of European and American carols—some familiar, and some not-so-familiar. Carefully remastered for CD, it now includes three bonus tracks.

PEARLS has received great response... thanks so much to all of you who have sent encouraging feedback to me about it. Fourteen choice jazz and pop tunes — musical gems, I think! — provide over an hour of listening. I'm currently putting the tunes together for Volume 2.

THE MIRACLE — CONCERTO FOR PIANO & ORCHESTRA; RHYTHMS — FOR PIANO, WINDS & PERCUSSION are my compositions, recorded with Gerard Schwarz conducting the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. My classical musical background is evident in this music, as is the excellence of this orchestra and conductor. (My notes on these compositions are here.)

On EVEN THERE, you can hear for yourself the beauty and warmth of Sue Nixon's voice on hymns and gospel songs which I arranged for piano (naturally!), guitar, string quartet and African percussion.

Your online transactions on my site are absolutely private, encrypted, and safe. Other outlets include: Amazon, CD Baby, Silver Platters and World Jazz Scene.

DOWNLOADS — All of my music is available on iTunes and most of the other digital download sites. Here are the direct iTunes locations of: In The Pink, Pearls, Chariots Of Fire, The Miracle, Spirit and Even There. If you don't have the free iTunes on your computer, you can get it here.


Projects in the works:

PEARLS, VOLUME 2 — more of the best jazz & pop standards.

THE COMFORTER — reflective interpretations of beloved, time-honored hymns of faith.

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